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Presentation of ESG ratings research at Senato della Repubblica, Rome - 15 November 2023

Our partners Claudia Scapicchio and Fabrizio Jacobacci attend the presentation of research on companies' use of standards and regulations, the risk of greenwashing and citizens' perceptions in view of the adoption of the new EU regulation on ESG rating which shall take place at Senato della Repubblica on 15 November .

In addition to representatives of institutions and industry, speakers will include the project coordinator Giorgia Grandoni, Luca Poma,
Professor of Reputation Management at LUMSA in Rome, and Filippo Nani, President of FERPI, Federazione Italiana Relazioni Pubbliche
Italiane. The speech will be moderated by Luca Yuri Toselli, journalist and expert on environmental and social sustainability.

The event will be available as a live-stream on