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Who we are

With domestic experience and an international focus, attention to detail and the initiative to explore new legal frontiers, we hold our client's needs at the center of our work.

Founded in the mid-1990s, Jacobacci Avvocati has always been a point of reference in the field of intellectual property, in Italy and abroad.

Today the firm’s strength lies in a team of 14 partners and over 40 professionals operating in 4 offices located in Italy and France.

Starting with the founding partner, Fabrizio Jacobacci, an internationally recognised practitioner for his expertise in patent litigation and Life Sciences, all of the lawyers in the firm specialise in different areas of Intellectual Property, from trademarks to patents to design, to protection of the innovative ideas of an international clientele, operating in a wide range of sectors, from technology to services.

Over the years, the Jacobacci Avvocati professionals have represented clients in matters of significant legal complexity, across the entire intellectual property landscape, obtaining ground-breaking decisions and contributing to legal precedent, before both Italian and European Courts, in numerous areas of intellectual property law and practice.

Thanks to the academic and professional training of its lawyers, almost all of whom have working experience in Italy and abroad, the firm can guarantee assistance to its clients anywhere in the world, especially in the context of complex multijurisdictional cases and high-value transactions.

The firm is also a point of reference for foreign clients in Italy, France and Spain: technical-legal knowledge, cultural mediation models and linguistic skills ensure that extra-European clients receive timely legal assistance focused on their specific needs.

ACBGroup SpA is a partnership composed of 47 firms, the ACB Members, which have combined their decades of experience and distinct specialised skills to create an innovative model of integrated professional assistance, capable of supporting companies in their projects and their growth.

ACB, an acronym for Academics and Consultants for Business, is a team of 500 highly specialised professionals - Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, University Professors - who provide consultancy and assistance in corporate law, tax litigation and pre-litigation, national and international contracts, M&A, extraordinary transactions, company auditing, management control, transfer pricing, bankruptcy procedures and business crisis management, trustee services and generational transitions, establishment and management of Foundations, establishment and management of Start-Ups and Innovative SMEs.

ACBGroup SpA is the ideal partner for foreign companies wishing to open a business in Italy.



Our Code of Ethics is the foundation of our professional activity and is based on important values such as honesty, fairness, ethics and transparency.

To ensure responsible and sustainable growth, we have collected in this document the rules and guidelines that must be complied with to ensure the smooth and reliable operation and reputation of our firm.