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Always forward-looking and eager to embrace innovation, we have earned our place as Italy’s premier Intellectual Property boutique law firm. With offices in Italy, Spain and France, our philosophy is to ensure that all clients enjoy a contemporary approach to the development and management of their IP assets.

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14 partners leading a team of over 30 lawyers with strong international backgrounds, who combine their remarkable experience with a consistently innovative approach. The founding partner, Fabrizio Jacobacci, has become a prominent name in the Intellectual Property field due to his noteworthy work in both Patent and Trademark litigation.

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Each of our offices in Turin, Rome, Milan, Paris and Madrid is noteworthy for its individualized contemporary design, which is tailored to reflect the history of the buildings themselves, our areas of practice, as well as our philosophy.

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"IP & Cosmetics: an international comparison" - 1 February 2022

Mrs. Paola Gelato attends as a speaker to an event organized by Indicam, in cooperation with Cosmetica Italia, Unifab and others on the subject: “IP & Cosmetics: an international comparison ”..For the conference program, click on Read More

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Webinar: "La tutela del marchio: strategie di deposito e di enforcement” – November 23, 2021

Luca Ghedina will be a speaker at the Webinar "La tutela del marchio: strategie di deposito e di enforcement” organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo.

To register click here.

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Webinar Material "From cellars to tables: GIs as business tool across jurisdiction"

We publish here the video registration of the round table of 11 November, last moderated by Emanuela Truffo.

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